• Ice Maker Repair Miami Beach


    What are the benefits of an Ice Maker?

    One of the advantages of an ice maker is that it produces ice quickly for immediate use. All you have to do is pour in water, set the size to form the ice size you would like, and the ice-making begins. This device does not need special preparation or extra time to launch or a regulating period for the compressor to arrive at a specific temperature!

    Ice Makers are essential to daily life because no one wants to drink a glass of warm water. Actually, we like all of our beverages to be ice cold. That is why most Miami Beach families use their ice makers on a regularly and count on them to keep beverages cold all day.

    Although we can live without ice, it makes life more comfortable to live in the heat of Miami Beach during the summer.  

    Once your ice maker breaks down it can definitely be cumbersome. All of a sudden you need to go out and buy lots of ice and keeping them in the freezer is not always a good option, especially when your freezer is full of food. When this happens, you can count on 1 Hour Appliance Repair in Miami Beach fix it for you.

    Usually, the ice maker is easy to repair and can be done in less than an hour. Our expert technicians are trained in all major brands for ice makers and can promptly assess the problem and make it work again. Ice maker repair service is not only quick but is definitely low-cost.

    You can count on a friendly customer service representative to quickly send a technician to your home to discover the root cause of your broken ice maker. Once the problem is discovered, the technician will give you a thorough estimate of how much it will cost to repair the ice maker.

    You never have to worry about any hidden fees and the estimate will give a complete idea of the cost upfront.  The repair service can be done on the spot. The technician will have all of the parts and tools needed to complete the ice maker repair in Miami Beach.

    We provide ice maker repair for the following issues:


    • Ice maker is frozen over
    • Ice is too small or shaped oddly
    • Ice has a strange odor
    • Ice tastes bad
    • Discolorations in the ice
    • Ice runs out too fast
    • Ice maker doesn’t produce enough ice
    • Ice doesn’t dispense properly
    • Internal light broken
    • Ice maker is loud or making strange noises
    • Leaking water
    • Leaking coolant
    • Not making ice at all

    These are all typical issues and our expert team of repair technicians can quickly help with ice maker repair in Miami Beach. You are assured of a fast, budget-friendly appliance repair, free estimates and same day service at no additional cost. Call us today and get your ice maker quickly repaired.